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But here is my latest update:

Well… finally had a great convention! It helps, it really does. I sold over 30 copies of my Preview Issue #0 and Issue #1 as well as a few prints. Not bad, not bad at all. My last 2 conventions had been very slow and discouraging until… wham, success! Reminds me of my dating life actually.
Eclipse Comic Con 2017 at Southern Illinois U (SIU) was a great time. They really rolled out the red carpet for the artists and vendors. Student pages with carts helped you roll your stuff in and out. They’d grab you a soda/water if you asked for one. You got a student meal card w/ a $10 credit to spend downstairs in the Food Court! Sooooo nice!
The convention goers/patrons/geeks etc. were so nice too. Families, eclipse watchers, cosplayers, college students… really couldn’t ask for much more. I’d like to thank those college students down at SIU who maybe had one less beer that weekend so they could leap into my weird world of ghosts and demons. Even the older folks… you know, it’s funny. I’ve been refining my pitch at conventions and think I got it just right at my last convention. My pitch is a bit windy, maybe too much but I think people connect with it at the end. They get it. So many people, especially some of those older folks, would tell me, “Wow! That’s a GREAT IDEA!” And I’d say, “Thank you! I really think so too!” but they wouldn’t buy a copy. That’s really not a big deal, I understand that maybe comics aren’t your thing (even if you’re at a comic con) or maybe you like heroes in tights or maybe the smidge of horror turns you off. But, if you’re told that a number of times at a number of unsuccessful conventions… yeah, that’s hard to deal with. Your idea is great but just not great enough for my money…. ouch. So now with a successful convention under my belt, I’m fully prepared to hear it again and keep smiling because I know that there are people who will take the $5 leap and check it out. That’s very satisfying.
I know this might sound like old news to a lot of those comic book creator veterans out there but hey, I’m new at this… my voyage of discovery and such.
So yeah, thumbs up for Eclipse Comic Con down in Carbondale, IL. I’d definitely hit that convention again. But here’s the catch, did they mostly come to see the eclipse? Aye, there’s the rub. What will attendance be like at the next convention sans eclipse? Perhaps not as good but hells yeah, I’ll go again anyway.